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Picatinny or Weaver Rail and Bases Mounting Procedure

The most popular mounting system we see today and also the most popular selling solution is the Picatinny or Weaver system.

Here is a short overview of the process we recommend when fitting a Picatinny/Weaver Rail or Bases.

1. Checking the Hardware
Before attempting to attach to your rifle, place rail or bases onto your rifle to confirm the holes align and the radius is correct for your rifle model. Also, insert screws and lightly tighten to make sure they are the correct thread, but also check the bolt opens and closes as it should and there is no interference. In the occasion the screws are too long to fit, please contact us. Once checked, remove rail or bases.

2. Cleaning and De-Greasing
Clean your rifle and rail underside with de greaser or alcohol to remove any grease or grit that may interfere.

3. Attaching the Rail or Bases
For additional mounting security on larger calibres (>.243), we recommend to use Lock-Tite 648 on the surfaces where the rail or bases are in contact with your rifle. Then place rail or bases onto the rifle.

4. The Screws
We recommend to use a couple of drops of Lock-Tite Thread Locker 278 on the screws before you start tightening. This prevents them coming loose with recoil. Tighten them evenly before the final tighten of recommended 20 in lb if you have access to a Torque driver.

Using trusted manufacturers such as Recknagel, Contessa, Ziegler and Schultz & Larsen we can provide a massive range of possible scope mounting solutions to suit your set up. Visit our online store for the full range of scope mounts available to buy.

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