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In 1936, Hans Julius Bauer, thrilled by the prospects of the growing German optical industry, founded a trade company as a sales-representation for such respected companys such as Ernst Leitz (Leica) and Gossen, he could not be aware of the development of his company over the decades to come.


Stunning Optics and Performance

Bauer produce a wide range of optical products, with the idea to provide the best possible value for money.
But one thing never changed during all those years: technology innovations, which allow us to time and time again view an even more detailed, brilliant look at the world around us through the lenses!
The basic construction principles are more or less the same, but new lens coatings, fluoride-containing lenses, magnesium alloy housing and over all optical and electronic components gives our products a new a big leap forward in the optics race!

  • Binoculars - Modern lens and mirrored prism systems enable a bright, detailed and high-contrast image reproduction. The newly developed phase-correction coating on the prisms enhances the image contrast and excellent light gathering provides you with a longer observation window.
  • Rifle Scopes - The New HD Series of Bauer Rifle Scopes are the latest editions, being higher specification and crystal clear optics.
  • Scope Mounts - A great range of useful and popular scope mounts to solve many mounting problems.
  • Torches - Stunning bright powerful LED torches, you'll be surprised how bright the range is. They come in a very versatile range.

German Engineering

Bauer themselves are a German company, which have been around since the 1930's, designing optics and other parts. But the parts Bauer design are actually produced in China, which is why Bauer offer their high quality range at such a fantastic price. Quality control checks and maintainence work is carried out in the Bauer factory and they maintain the high standard of the product.