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Recknagel pivot mounts are high quality quick detachable and feature excellent return to zero with low mounting height. The very low construction starts ay 10.8mm (including the base) for 26mm and 30mm rings. Mounts for Zeiss ZM, Swarovski SR, Schmidt & Bender Convex are also available with the Pivot System.


Recknagel | Pivot Mount System

Extended front foot is available to help obtain the perfect eye relief. With options of 0mm, 26mm, 31mm, 44mm and 56mm eye relief options available, you are sure to find the correct fit for your scope.


To remove the scope simply unlock the rear catch, pivot the scope 90ยบ horizontally and lift it off the front foot. To re-mount just drop the foot back in the base, pivot to the rear, and lock. As quick and easy as that.

Pivot Mounts are made for a wide range of popular rifle models including the following:

  • Browning (A-Bolt, Euro Bolt, X-Bolt)
  • Howa
  • Mauser
  • Remington
  • Sauer (80, 90, 202, 101)
  • Steyr Manlicher
  • Winchester
  • and many more

A picatinny rail can also be mounted with your existing pivot system to facilitate nigh vision scopes and red dot sights.


A Custom Mount?

Using blanks and parts from Recknagel, we can build custom made mounts to fit your rifle. Generally custom made mounts are needed for obscure models, custom built or older guns which Recknagel don't produce standard fitting parts for. The work involved could vary from drilling some holes to fit to a fully made part, this is why it's hard to quote without seeing the gun. If you are interested in a custom mount, please feel free to contact us for more information.