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About the Ziegler ZP Suhler Claw Mount

The traditional Suhl claw mount has been used for many years and is an elegant and convenient way to mount a riflescope.  Fitting this type of  mount requires considerable experience and a high skill level as the mount parts have to be hand fitted to the bases.  Consequently, the traditional claw mount is very expensive.  Ziegler has developed the ZP claw mount to overcome these problems.  All mount parts are of extremely high quality making hand fitting unnecessary.  Bases are available for a wide range of rifles and all parts are interchangeable allowing multiple scopes to be fitted to one rifle or one scope to be used on multiple rifles.  Scopes can be swapped on the rifle without any need to re zero at all.  The system has been extensively tested and works perfectly.  Once the ZP mount system is fitted scopes can safely be removed for cleaning or storage reducing the possibility of damage to the scope.

Of particular interest is the Contra system, developed specifically for bolt action rifles.  The traditional Suhl claw mount was most often used on break breech rifles and the scope tipped forward for removal.  The front ring was normally fitted around the objective lens as if further back it was not possible to tip the scope far enough forward to clear the hooks in the base.  The contra system works in reverse with the lock base at the front and the scope tipping backwards.  Behind the rifle action there is nothing for the scope to hit and so a wider opening arc is possible.  Making the claw mount stand the recoil force in either direction is perhaps the defining factor in the new ZP mount.

The company Ziegler are in fact Formula 1 core partners and have great experience in working to exact tolerances using the materials best suited to the purpose.  This background and the ownership of machinery  and instruments able to manufacture, and measure, to the closest tolerance made the ZP mount possible.
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