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Mounting Rail scopes on Optilock bases (Tikka and Sako)

Mounting a rail scope to a Sako or Tikka rifle using Optilock bases.

Optilock do not offer a mounting system for rail mounted scopes but there is a solution for users of Sako and Tikka rifles.  Recknagel, a German manufacturer of high quality mounts,  make a dovetail attachment that is a perfect fit on the OPTILOCK bases made for Tikka and Sako rifles.  Parts are available in Blue finish only but can be used with stainless bases if required.

Parts can be found on Page 49 of Recknagel Catalogue 7, Page 11 of Recknagel Catalogue 8 and Page 13 of Recknagel Catalogue 9.

The part numbers are as follow:
Zeiss 45 degree BH 6mm 49045-0600
Swarovski  BH 5mm        49053-0500
Schmidt & Bender BH 3mm  49067-0300
Zeiss Old Rail  70 degree    BH 4mm 49070-0400*
                                        BH 9mm 49070-0900*
* Different heights because one part of the rail is under the objective lens.
Parts are supplied and priced per each, unlike mounts which are supplied in pairs.  If a pair is required the order must specify this.
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