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Removing a K-80 Extractor for Cleaning

Removing the K–80 extractor for cleaning

Although most will refer to this part as the ejector the correct term is extractor or that part of the ejector mechanism that extracts the cartridge case from the chamber.  

Early guns used a visible side screw to hold the extractor in place. Removing the extractor is simply a case of removing the screw and pulling the extractor out of the slide.

On later and current guns it is not at all apparent how the extractor is held in place. It is actually quite simple and consists of a ball bearing and a spring. To remove put the barrel flat on the bench or table and give the rear of the extractor a gentle tap with a soft faced hammer. The plastic T-handle of the stock wrench is the ideal tool. The slot in the rear of the extractor will jump over the retaining ball and can be pulled out of the slide.  STOP!  Do not pull the extractor out until you have turned the barrel over so that the extractor is on the underside against the bench surface, ideally on a piece of carpet. When you pull the extractor over the top of the ball and out of the slide the ball will fly out under pressure of the spring. By turning the barrel over onto a piece of carpet, or similar, you catch the ball. Remove the spring with a pin. Put both on one side and repeat with the second barrel.

After cleaning under the extractor you need to replace both ball and spring. Squeeze a dab of grease (Schmierfix is ideal) into the ball hole under the extractor. Push the spring down into the hole and sit the ball on top of it. The grease will stop it from rolling away. Apply a little grease to the back of the extractor before starting it into the slide. Push it along until it just touches the ball. Pick up the stock wrench again and this time use the metal end of the hex shaft. Push down on the ball until it is flush inside the hole. Hold it there with the wrench and push the extractor the rest of the way into the slide, pushing the wrench off the top of the ball as it goes. Repeat on the other side and the job is done.

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