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Ziegler ZP | Gallery - Lynx 94 Hunter

Using the various Ziegler ZP Mounting components, we are able to select the correct hardware to achieve optimum scope height and eye-relief. You can see how this Zeiss scope has been mounted incredibly low to the barrel. In our opinion, as perfect mount! The scope has been mounted on to a Lynx 94 Hunter rifle.

Ziegler  Mounts on a Lynx Rifle
Ziegler Mounts on a Lynx rifle

Guaranteed to Keep Zero - Even when Switching Scopes

We see an increasing demand for mounting Night Vision Scopes as popularity and technology developes. We are able to very often mount both your Day Scope and your Night Vision Scope onto one rifle, without loss of zero. Another common demand is to be able to use a Thermal Scope off the rifle as a spotting scope, then simply attach it to your rifle with Guaranteed Accuracy to be able to take your shot.

Fitting for Your Rifle

The Ziegler ZP Mounting system is available for a wide range of different rifle manufacturers and models, plus the option of custom fitting is also a possibility. See the list of Available Models of the Ziegler ZP Mounts here.